1.1 Update

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The 1.1 Update is now out. It features several improvements and the game is now optimized and under 20 mb! The fact that its under 20 mb makes it now possible for iPhone users to download it on the App Store without having to be connected to a WLAN.

Change Notes:

– Improved squashing
– Optimized app size
– Improved several graphics
– Added OS 4.0 features
– Improved performance further

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magnifusion-push-combine-squash/id381567077?mt=8#

Furthermore there are german and russian descriptions added on the App Store.

MagniFusion Reviews

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Lots of Reviews have appeared by now:

“I can see why we can feel fascinated with interacting with virtual things. When I was a little kid I loved this one computer which screen acted as a mouse, I believe a very primitive version of a touch screen. Nowadays, with a better version of it, we really can interact with stuff in screen, touching it, dragging it, squishing it, and that’s exactly what you do in MagniFusion.”

…”With all the color and the smoothness in which the game plays, there isn’t much to hate about it, it is a very interesting game that can be played in a variety of games to fit everyone’s style, so if you’re a fan of puzzle games and want something different, be sure to look on this direction.”
– touchAholics.com Review

“MagniFusion didn’t really impress me the first time around, I thought the controls were shot but it turned out to be my fault for not paying attention in the tutorial. Thank goodness I decided to give the game another try, otherwise the impression that the game sucked would have been permanently burrowed into my brain. In any case, MagniFusion is one beautiful example (graphically and gameplay wise) of a puzzle game.”

…”This is one more game to add to your library if you are a fan of puzzle games, especially those games that can get really frantic in the end-game (kinda reminds me of Tetris). If the game doesn’t make an impression the first time around, take it from me: jump straight into the Arcade mode (it’ll just make sense…trust me).”
– NineOverTen.com Review

“MagniFusion addresses the critical flaws in its predecessor, and adds an equally-compelling puzzle mode. A few polish issues notwithstanding, it is an entertaining skill-based puzzler built around some fresh mechanics.”
– FingerGaming.com Review

This $1.99 game is an interesting and challenging diversion for any middle age child and up.
– ThePortableGamer.com

“The difficulty curve is perfect, allowing you to get accustomed to new mechanics before the challenge really ramps up. In addition to the challenge of high scores, the game also features a trophy system that gives you even more incentive to keep playing.”
– GameZebo.com Review

Last but not least a italian MagniFusion review here:
iPhoneItalia.com Review

If you have found any review that we missed here please let us know in the comments.

Tips and Tricks

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Here are some tips for making careful moves:

– You can not only push the bubbles you can also squash and drag them! With it you can move the bubbles just very slightly and can make these careful moves that are needed in the puzzle mode to avoid obstacles.

–  Squashing a bubble also has it disadvanteges, it takes up more space and the bubble can not be merged while squashed!

– Be careful where you put your finger to avoid launching bubbles away and push against a bubble from the outside. You can also make yourself some space at a place by squashing bubbles away!

– To make the Bubbles move faster through the squashing method you can swipe them a few times.

For an introduction to the arcade mode make sure you check out the arcade gameplay video:

The first MagniFusion Review has already appeared

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GameZobo a huge casual gaming website that covers everything from Facebook games to iPhone games has already reviewed MagniFusion: Push, Combine, Squash and Combine!

“When Osmos made the transition to the iPad, it was a perfect fit; pushing around bubbles with your fingers just felt natural. MagniFusion attempts to take a similar concept and add some puzzle and arcade elements to it, and it’s largely successful. Unfortunately, the loose controls undermine what’s otherwise a solid puzzle experience.

The main mode in MagniFusion is the arcade portion. In it, you’ll be presented with a screen that slowly fills up with bubbles. You can merge bubbles of the same size and color to make bigger ones, and every so often a colored laser beam moves across the screen allowing you to pop any similar colored bubbles it hits. The bigger the bubble, the more points you get. Things start out slowly, but new bubbles will appear at increasingly faster rates and the laser beam will also recharge quicker and quicker. So, the longer you play, the more hectic things get.”

Overall they really liked it!

“Nice clockwork aesthetic. Two different, but complimentary, game modes. Unique spin on Osmos formula!”

But the Reviewer also makes clear that he had his problems with the direct finger touch pushing controls within the review. A basic tip here is to make use of the very helpful squashing feature if you need to make slight precise moves.

“It’s a shame the controls manage to mar what’s an otherwise fresh and challenging puzzler. The arcade mode manages to tap into that primal need to rack up a massive high score, while the puzzle mode provides some solid cranium scratching challenges.”

Read the full Review here: http://www.gamezebo.com/iphone-games/magnifusion/review

Let us know what you think of the game in a App Store review! We are always very curious what you the customer has to say about the game!

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MagniFusion is now on sale for half the price!

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As a limited introduction sale MagniFusion is now available on the app store for half the price! Get it now for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here: App Store link

Some Screenshots of the Arcade Normal Mode:

Watch the Trailers shown in the previous posts to see the game in action if you have not yet: Videos

The report from ThePortableGamer.com and the special extra mode

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ThePortableGamer.com published a article about MagniFusion. They have already played it and have lots of good things to say about it:


A piece of the article here:

“I have been lucky enough to be playing this addictive and refreshing puzzler for a few days now and I’m happy to say you won’t regret it when you get your hands on it.  The game mechanics are easy to learn and fun to master. You slide your finger on the screen to combine same size and shape bubbles to make them bigger. When the timer runs out a beam of light will encircle the screen and allow you to pop the bubble that match that beam. Sounds simple, but as the board fills up it gets harder and harder to move like minded items together. The graphics look great on any device and its integrated with Open Feint.”

They also published a special unlock code in their article:

“The developers have given us a special unlock code that, once you have the game, you can use to get an extra mode called “Special maze mode”. All you need to do is go to the “codes & extras” screen and enter the code 477201.”

That special extra mode can only be unlocked with the code, its a very interesting twist to the known gameplay, but see for yourself!

Its finally available worldwide!

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MagniFusion: Push, Combine, Squash and Pop is finally out for everyone!


Grab it in first 24 hours and get it for FREE! You can support us by writing a review on the App Store or spreading the word about the game.

You can read what ThePortableGamer.com has to say about the game here:  http://theportablegamer.com/2010/07/magnifusion-exciting-announcement/