The first MagniFusion Review has already appeared

GameZobo a huge casual gaming website that covers everything from Facebook games to iPhone games has already reviewed MagniFusion: Push, Combine, Squash and Combine!

“When Osmos made the transition to the iPad, it was a perfect fit; pushing around bubbles with your fingers just felt natural. MagniFusion attempts to take a similar concept and add some puzzle and arcade elements to it, and it’s largely successful. Unfortunately, the loose controls undermine what’s otherwise a solid puzzle experience.

The main mode in MagniFusion is the arcade portion. In it, you’ll be presented with a screen that slowly fills up with bubbles. You can merge bubbles of the same size and color to make bigger ones, and every so often a colored laser beam moves across the screen allowing you to pop any similar colored bubbles it hits. The bigger the bubble, the more points you get. Things start out slowly, but new bubbles will appear at increasingly faster rates and the laser beam will also recharge quicker and quicker. So, the longer you play, the more hectic things get.”

Overall they really liked it!

“Nice clockwork aesthetic. Two different, but complimentary, game modes. Unique spin on Osmos formula!”

But the Reviewer also makes clear that he had his problems with the direct finger touch pushing controls within the review. A basic tip here is to make use of the very helpful squashing feature if you need to make slight precise moves.

“It’s a shame the controls manage to mar what’s an otherwise fresh and challenging puzzler. The arcade mode manages to tap into that primal need to rack up a massive high score, while the puzzle mode provides some solid cranium scratching challenges.”

Read the full Review here:

Let us know what you think of the game in a App Store review! We are always very curious what you the customer has to say about the game!

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~ by Davision on July 31, 2010.

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