“Die Blasen” = The Bubbles – German Mac and iPhone website article.

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ApfelNews a popular german website published a article about magnifusion: http://www.apfelnews.eu/2010/07/28/magnifusion-app-tip

Translation of a part of the article:
“Das Game verfügt jedoch über mehrere Modi. So warten beispielsweise 70 spannende Puzzle- Level auf den Spieler. Hier sind ein kühles Köpfchen und Geduld gefragt. Die Kombination aus Arcade Game und Puzzle Action verpackt in einer tollen 2D Physik macht aus “MagniFuson” ein packendes und vor allem abwechslungsreiches Spiel für groß und klein. Die leichte Handhabung und gut durchdachte Steuerungen machen das Spiel denkbar einfach im Umgang mit den Blasen. 3 Arcade-Modi sowie 70 einzigartige Puzzle-Level machen das Spiel auf Dauer interessant.”

The game has several modes. For example, 70 exciting puzzle-levels wait for the players. Here is a cool head and dexterity required. The combination of arcade and puzzle action wrapped in a great 2D physics game makes “MagniFuson” an exciting and diversified game for young and old. The easy to use and well thought out controls makes the game easy to deal with the bubbles. 3 Arcade modes and 70 unique puzzle levels make the game interesting in the long run.

“Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß mit dem neuen Game und werden euch am Freitag noch einmal an den Release erinnern.”
We wish you much fun with the new game and we will remind you again on friday about the release.

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Release this Friday, July 30th!

“E=mc al quadrato”! Italian articel about MagniFusion

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One of the biggest italian iphone websites published a articel about MagniFusion: http://www.iphoneitalia.com/magnifusion-presto-disponibile-su-appstore-gratis-per-24-ore-132218.html

…”Vi ricorderemo l’appuntamento con il download gratuito proprio nel giorno di lancio. State sintonizzati.” Roughly translated:  “We will remind you about the free download promotion on launch day. Stay tuned. ”

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Release this Friday, July 30th!

Intro Trailer and release date!

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The intro Trailer is up:

The scientist discovers the MagniFusion substance that makes the chemical bubble-merging action possible! Energy needs to be obtained from the special chemically produced bubbles! Combine bubbles of the same size and color by pushing them with your finger to create bigger bubbles.

Merge bubbles to make them bigger and bigger and try to make the awe-inspiring Magnificent Bubble! Use the power of lasers to pop the bubbles and receive points from their energy. The bigger the bubble, the more energy stored – harvest the energy of the biggest bubbles to earn the most points!

But that’s not all you can do! In Puzzle Mode, discover all kinds of levels that challenge your brain as well as your dexterity. 70 unique levels are packed with beautifully drawn steampunk-style obstacles which you will need to overcome, as well as crystals to add to your points total!

Here are some shots from the intro trailer:

The game will be be available on the App Store on July 30th.

There is a special promotion for the launch day! If you grab it in the first 24 hours after launch you will get if for FREE!

Images for the App Store and a look at the intro trailer

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We are getting closer to the release of the game! Here are already the images for showing the game in the App Store:

At the start the known title screen and then the images that show the content of the game:

Here is a shot of the Intro Trailer that will be shown very soon:

The scientist discovers the MagniFusion substance that makes the chemical bubble-merging action possible!

Website is online!

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Visit the official website to get to know MagniFusion:


For all the news about the game keep checking the blog.

Arcade gameplay video!

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A video of the arcade gameplay has been released:

The official website for MagniFusion will follow very soon!

Welcome to the blog of MagniFusion!

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MagniFusion is a game by Toco Games for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This blog will cover all the news about the game.

The combination of arcade and puzzle gameplay packed with 2D physics bubble-merging action make this a unique and addictive game. The smooth touch controls are intuitive and ensure that this game is very easy to pick up and play. 3 arcade modes and 70 Levels in the puzzle mode offer a exciting and challenging experience for everyone! The scientist will support you through the game and give you tips and tricks. Master the game – climb up the highscore lists, earn trophies, and unlock special extra modes! Footage and more infos can be found on www.magnifusion.com soon.